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Missed Inspection Letters


Missed Inspection 

Requires Certification of Code Compliance of the roof assembly

Know what your getting to.


This is a repair done for one our clients. Hired a low price contractor, note the shoddy workmanship for $7,000.

Owner now wants to replace the roof with over site.

Quality Assurance Inspections


Over site to contract requirements. 

Observation to deck repairs.

Storm damage assessment of tile roof.


Detail drawings to locate storm damage areas to determine percent of damage.

Roofing installation Blunder


Roof appears to be installed correctly untill you take a closer look.

Normal installation the cap sheet rolls are set from the low side up - this contractor set them from the high side down. 

This is definitely will cause problems latter.

Code Compliance Inspection


Verification of wood deck re-nailing as required by Building Code.

Contractor failed to call for an in-progress inspection, so City required an Engineers Letter